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London, 5th April 2024

I resisted doing this in public for a long time.

But seeing as I'm doing it in private anyway, I think it might be useful to bring you along for the ride.

There are a thousand ways to make your business more delightful. 

But right now - April 2024 - we're going to focus on the first fundamental piece:

Delightful Business Development

If you're regularly doing what you need to do to bring in more leads and clients, making the other parts delightful later is easier, because you've got the resources to make those things happen.

There's a very simple framework I've shared with you for daily, delightful business development over the last twelve years or so.

The Five Things

If you're not familiar with the Five Things, you can grab your own guide over here.

But if you ARE familiar with them, and you're only doing them sporadically, or not at all, or you find them difficult, or you don't like doing them alone, you're in luck.

Every day, with a gentle and delightful focus on nurturing your existing relationships, pursuing new ones, adding new prospects to your pipeline, moving others through it and making at least one sales offer, your business inevitably transforms.

I do the Five Things every day most days, anyway. So why not do them together? Not in real time ... but in an asynchronous group where we're all working towards the same common goal: more delight, less drudge. 

If you want feedback, help, guidance and clarity on your own efforts, and if you'd appreciate the sheer joy of hanging out in a non-shit Facebook Group with me and others, where we can shoot the breeze and double down on the things that matter, then this is for you.

It's $30 a month, there's no minimum commitment, no live calls or meetings or anything that will take delightful business development time out of your calendar.. 

So if it speaks to you, fill in your details below. I'll send you an email with a link to play.

Doors are open right now. 

If you've got questions that you think need answering before spending $30, send me an email at the usual address. Otherwise, see you on the inside for more delightful business development ;-)


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